कार विमा बद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती :- Complete information about car insurance In Marathi

कार विमा बद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती :- Complete information about car insurance In Marathi:- If you want to drive a car in India, it is necessary to take out all the insurances. If we don’t remove it, we may also have to pay a fine for it. Car insurance can be very beneficial.

By getting car insurance we can break all the rules related to cars. Taking out car insurance can be very beneficial for a family. If something happens to the car, it is necessary to insure it so that the car does not suffer major damage. Car insurance protects you and your car.

कार विमा बद्दल संपूर्ण माहिती :- Complete information about car insurance


Complete information about car insurance


भारतात कार विमा किती प्रकारच्या आहेत :- There are many types of car insurance in India

There are two types of car insurance in India. It has different purposes. Its features are as follows.

१. तृतीय पक्ष विमा :- Third party insurance

Along with car, third party insurance is considered very important. Third party insurance is so it can be very beneficial for you to cover any kind of expenses like third party damage, accidental injury, property damage etc. When there is a car accident, all the expenses are borne by the insurance company.

२. सर्वसमावेशक कव्हरेज :-  Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive cover is considered very important for any car insurance. These are the best types. This type does not only have third party cover but also better insurance. So the remaining insurance can be beneficial for your car. The maximum cost for car insurance can fall short of protecting you.

कार विम्याचे फायदे :- Benefits of car insurance

Let’s find out the benefits of Personal Accident Cover, No Claim Bonus, Roadside Assistant, Damage or Shrati Khilaf Cover along with other benefits. When we buy a car, the market value of the car decreases as the car becomes old in a few days. Zero depreciation cover is available only for cars older than 3 years. You will have to pay more to get some cover benefits. There are some important options for getting a car insurance policy. Because of tax insurance, if some part of your car breaks down, it can replace it for you, so it is necessary to have that policy.

They are very important for the small parts of the car. If you read that there are some important policies for car insurance, you should take out that policy, everything is written in that policy, if first party insurance is taken out for the car, there are some big changes in it. It is important to know that the insurance company will not bear the entire cost if the car breaks down to a large extent, the company will only pay a certain percentage.

Insurance company will not be liable for non-accidental breakdown of car engine. If the car or the passenger accompanying the car driver in the original car insurance policy he will not get this benefit. But he gets accident insurance in the policy. Insurance

They extend the policy not only in India but also in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal etc. by paying an additional premium of Rs.500 per vehicle. While taking out the policy, it is important to know that there are some important conditions in which the policy should be taken out first. Because later some company will not apply insurance to you, it is necessary to know the conditions first.

Tax insurance is essential in India as there are many car insurances in India. It should be read carefully while taking out the insurance so that it is not possible to tell which insurance will be less for which work.

In India, when the police arrests the car, the first thing they ask for is the license and insurance. There are also some fines for that, so it is necessary to get car insurance and it is also beneficial for your safety. Now we can take Kutla insurance through online as well, so that the company you have chosen should apply for the policy in that company. If you work online, it will also save your time, that time can be useful for other work. While taking a car policy, the policy should be taken in such a way that it should be beneficial for your car and for you.

कार विमा योजना कशी निवडावी :- How to choose a car insurance plan

Choosing car insurance is also considered a contract. The insurance company pays the loss that is caused due to the loss of the car. Taking out a car insurance policy is mandatory in India. Due to this, more insurance is taken out in India, if the insurance is taken out to get compensation if your car is stolen or damaged. Insurance is very important for you and your family. The insurance that you

The amount of your car premium that the policy draws is based on your declared value. If IDV is high then your premium amount is high and if IDV is low then your premium amount is low. For this reason, if you are taking insurance, read the complete information and fill the form, otherwise your insurance company will not apply anything and you will not get compensation.

You will be able to see which insurance company is online in a minute on the net. It is necessary to take out an insurance policy to cover the damage caused by theft or accident. Now many insurance companies which are mentioned in the policy do not follow the rules and do not provide the service, it is beneficial if you take information about the company. It is important to check all the terms and conditions of the company. When you are filling the document, read it carefully before filling the form.

कार विमा नूतनीकरण :- Car insurance renewal

Car insurance is an important factor. When you want to drive a car, you will be able to do it because you need to know the important points of the car so that you have an eye on the policy. Car insurance renewal can be easily done if you do online services. If you have an insurance company renewal, you can do the renewal easily with the insurance company Kamodini Pasuna.

Renewal policy can be beneficial as you consider online renewal as important as online process is important. Company name and details are essential for online processes to be the easiest and hassle free process.

आपण ऑनलाईन नुतनीकरण हे कसे कराल :- How do you do this online renewal

There are some important information about your car like make and type of car and RTO code. First of all you can select the quotes and choose your company according to your needs. And you can ask a big company for help. And the information about the car is necessary to know, so you need to see the insurance form, only then you know about the company.

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